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Thread: How to get Ms Visual Studio 2008 Express?

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    How to get Ms Visual Studio 2008 Express?

    I downloaded the 2008 Express trial version from Microsoft site. It requires to burn to a cd or DVD. However, I cannot install it.

    Can anyone help?

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    Smile Re: How to get Ms Visual Studio 2008 Express?


    For this u need to create a virtual DVD on your machine. There are various tools available like Daemon.EXE which is a FREE Virtual CD/DVD-ROM-EMULATOR

    You can download it from various free download sites.

    Once installed it appears on your Taskbar.
    1. Right Click on it and choose the no of drives 1

    1. Again right click on it select Drive(0) and then Mount image

    1. Provide the path to .iso file downloaded from micosoft site

    1. Now you can install from newly created drive

    1. Don't forget to unmount and then set no of drives to 0, once all the work is done.

    hope u found it useful

    ---V V---
    Vikas Vaidya

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