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Thread: How can i Create Website in with vb and c#

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    How can i Create Website in with vb and c#

    HI Friends,

    Am new for

    How can i Design/Create the Web site In with Vb r C#

    Tell Me Friends

    I have Going to Create one website.... plz help

    vishnukumar SR

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    Re: How can i Create Website in with vb and c#

    vs.Net is a sute for creating web applications. You can use this for creating any kind of windows and web based application. Here is some basic points that you have to keep in mind. First before installing vs.Net2003 or 2005. You have to install IIS this is a web server on windows OS then install VS.Net.
    Affter installing VS.Net follow these steps:-
    1.start VS.Net from the All program start menu.
    2.choose File>New>project
    new project dailog box will be displayed
    Choose visual basic or C# form project type by simple clicking on this and ASP web application form the templet category.your will see (http:\localhost\web application1) in the location text box. web application1 is your application name you can change it.
    3. click OK button.
    now your blank web page is displayed you and add on the any web control and press (F5) or chose debug> start
    Now your web site is run mode.

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