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Thread: Zephyr or Testlink which is best????

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    Zephyr or Testlink which is best????

    hi friends,

    I need to know which is the best test management tool.. Zephyr or Testlink.
    And if you say that zephyr is best or Testlink is best... please tell me the reason behind it..

    Looking forward to hear from you all


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    Re: Zephyr or Testlink which is best????

    I have experience with using Zephyr (getzephyr dot com) It is impressive!! The dashboard is a useful feature. Project and Department dashboards show live data; it keeps every member across the team updated - on the same page all the time. With live data, time & effort are saved in upward/downward communication and improves team efficiency.

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    Re: Zephyr or Testlink which is best????

    Testlink provides an amazing test management tool. It is easy to maintain and requires less knowledge on the tool after configuration ( i have to agree that it takes little pain during installation). I configured Apache, mysql and php.

    1. Easy management of test cases
    2. Test cases can be imported from an xml file
    3. Execute and log the defects
    4. Can integrate with various bug tracking tools (e.g Bugzilla, Mantis etc)
    5. Attach the bugs to the test cases
    6. Amazing dashboard and reports. It also has charts, query metrics and email notifications of results.

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