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    I want coldfusion interview questions with answers .

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    Re: coldfusion

    Hi friend,

    i hope this helps

    1. Which path is used in the template attribute in the tag?
    a. Physical path
    b. Calling template relative path
    c. Web document root relative path
    d. Any directory under cfusion\customtags

    the correct answer is b.

    2. Which of the following would be the last one to capture an exception?
    a. <cfcatch>
    b. <cferror type=”request”>
    c. <cferror type=”exception”>
    d. Site-wide error handler specified in the coldfusion administrator
    the correct answer is d.

    3. Of these tags with errors, which could not be caught with a block?
    a. <cfset x = 5 / 0>
    b. <cfest x = 5 / 0>
    c. <cfset x = “y” + 1>
    d. <cfinclude template=”file.cfm”> where file.cfm is not found
    the correct answer is b.

    4. If you have the following variable definition in the application.cfm file, what is the scope of the variable after it is created? <cfset x = “foo”>
    a. Variables (local)
    b. Application
    c. Session
    d. Request
    the correct answer is a.

    5. What is the purpose of the getauthuser() function?
    a. To log in a specified user
    b. To return the name of a logged in user who is requesting the page on which the function is used
    c. To retrieve user details from a specified data source
    d. To assign roles to the user who is requesting the page on which the function is used

    the correct answer is b.

    6. Which of the following variable types requires the use of the scope when referencing the variable? (choose two)
    a. Request
    b. Form
    c. Local
    d. Application
    e. Url

    the correct answer is a and d.

    7. Which function is necessary when using cachedwithin attribute with the <cfquery> tag?

    a. Createdatetime()
    b. Parsedatetime()
    c. Createtimespan()
    the correct answer is c.

    8. What is missing from the following <cfquery> tag’s select statement if you want to return the count? <cfquery name=”test” datasource=”test”> select count(*) from testtable </cfquery>

    a. Select count(countvar)
    b. Select count(*) as countvar
    c. Select count(*) into countvar
    d. Select count(*) <cfqueryparam name=”countvar”>
    the correct answer is b.

    9. Which of the following ansi standard where clauses will return all rows where city begins with the letter ‘s’? a. Where city like “s”
    b. Where city = ‘s*’
    c. Where city like ‘s_’
    d. Where city like ‘s&#37;’
    the correct answer is d.

    10. Which one of the following tags is used for server-side validation? (choose one.)

    a. Input type =”text”
    b. Input type=”hidden”
    c. Input value=”hidden”
    d. Input value=”text”
    the correct answer is b.

    11. When will the cookie created by the following tag expire? <cfcookie name=”bgcolor” value= “bgcolor”>
    a. Never
    b. After one day
    c. When the last browser window is closed
    d. After the timeout period for session variables has elapsed
    the correct answer is c.


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