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Thread: increase memory for pocketPc

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    increase memory for pocketPc

    how can i increase memory of pocketPC? i got these exception
    most of time during deployment.

    Deployment and/or registration failed with error: 0x8973190e.
    Error writing file '%csidl_program_files%\drmengine.testapp\system.dll'.
    Error 0x80070070: There is not enough space on the disk.Device Connectivity Component

    any body has any idea, pls help me.

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    Re: increase memory for pocketPc

    hi friend..

    i hope this information can help you

    Determine how much storage you already have. To check the amount of available memory space on your PocketPC, access your device’s Settings from the Start menu. Then choose the System tab, which will allow you to access the device’s memory. Click the Storage Card tab and choose Built-In Storage specifically. This will allow you to view the amount of usable built-in storage space that remains.

    Step2Increase the memory. When you are not satisfied with the amount of built-in storage space that you have on your PocketPC, a supplementary memory card is your most economical memory-expanding option. Your PocketPC recognizes different types of memory cards; choosing the right one is a balance of size and price.

    Step3Use a Secure Digital memory card. Secure Digital memory cards snap in and out of the SD memory card slot. With the same force that you would use to click an ink pen, you can install and remove SD memory cards. The card will only snap into place if it is inserted correctly. If the card gives any resistance at all, stop pushing on it and make sure it is straight and upright.

    Step4Use a Compact Flash memory card. Compact Flash memory cards are installed using the same process that you use to install Secure Digital Memory. You have to first locate the Compact Flash Card slot on the exterior of the device. Remove any protective guards from this slot and insert the Compact Flash card. Compact Flash cards can be removed simply by pulling them out of the device.

    Step5Access your memory card. Many models of PocketPC utilize a File Explorer program that allows you to explore the files and directories in your device's internal and external memory. To access the information written onto an SD or CF card, click on the Start menu. From the Start menu, access Programs and then File Explorer.

    note: i haven't tried this method... specified above


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