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Thread: Need Information on Database Testing??

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    Need Information on Database Testing??


    I want to learn the database testing , so from where can i start learning?

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    Re: Need Information on Database Testing??

    hi friend..

    normally you should have an idea about Database operations (ie)., create, retrieve, update and delete, stroed procedures, key concepts etc


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    Re: Need Information on Database Testing??

    Hi Friend,

    Try to gather some information on Database tools used for testing.Depnding upon you focus you can concentrate on any of the Database testing

    Before in hand,read some documents online about the concept of Database like database security,relational database , Normalisation , Data reduntancy and learn about ODBC Concept (Open database connectivity).This is like a ocean you can keep learning once start from the scratch.

    Also try to collect details on SQL database.


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    Re: Need Information on Database Testing??

    Database testing can include
    -reviewing the database schema, tables, joins, primary keys, foreign keys etc
    -checking / validating the data that is loaded into various tables
    -business rules, if any, to be considered while loading the data
    -validate data in the source system and data in the target table
    -check for referential integrity
    -check for volume of data in the tables, partitioning etc for data retrieval

    Overall, database testing could emcompass testing the source or input of data for the database tables, actual data in the tables and the output from the tables

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    Re: Need Information on Database Testing??

    for data base testing, you need to expert in data bases.

    so first concentrate on it and then start testing

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