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Thread: Advent QEngine

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    Advent QEngine

    Hi All,

    Anybody have knowledge or Experience on Advent QEngine Web Functionality testing bcz i need a help on that.

    I am new to this tool in our company i have to work on that. If anybody have idea pls send me the details.

    is java knowledge necessary to work on this tool.


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    Re: Advent QEngine

    Hi Friend,

    I got few details on QEngine just want to let you know

    Usage of QEngine

    Tools for Web Functionality testing & Web Performance testing.
    load testing, adventnet inc, api testing, web application testing, resource usage meter, web performance testing, distributed load testing, adventnet qengine webtest, regression testing, performance testing, record and playback, functional testing, web functional testing, web testing, load test

    Also read this link that has lot of discussions on QEngine.

    AdventNet QEngine - Frequently Asked Questions


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    Re: Advent QEngine

    Hi Sridevi

    QEngine is a Free Tool, Please Reply.

    Thanks & Regards

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