Hi All, Right Now I am Using QTP 8.2 version and I am working on Java 1.5 appliction. Even though I add Java add ins into QTP 8.2. QTP is not identifying the objects either through object repository or object Spy or by recording or virtual object manager etc.. it is take whole window as one object.Please try to solve my problem as soon as possible

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  • Oct 7th, 2006

for software testing

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  • Nov 10th, 2006

ur application must be using customized java console and tahts y qtp cant recognise it....talk to the developers of ur application n then u will come to know......this can happen many times n in these cases u cant do anything.....qtp must be identifying the winwindow and wintree rather than javatree and javawindow in ur case n u have only 1 option - u can go for automation using recognised objects only n using static data if possible....usually automation is not recommended in these scenarios. maintainiability issues will be very high.

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  • Jul 11th, 2007

its better to know whether the application developed using any advanced technologies with java...
some time the application developed by some new platforms are not supported by QTP 8.2....

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  • Oct 26th, 2007

Read me documentation that comes when u download QTP provides more information about  supporting  different platforms what actually needs to be downloaded.

In my case I too got the similar  problem  when i first try to record it.

It is because i am using windows vista OS, with missing addins manager for active x controls, and addins manager for webs  in addition to OS settings such as user account control turn off, downloading microsoft script debugger helps me to record the application.

I suggest you to look over the concept in Read me documention. that details what u need to download for java apps.

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