What are different types of metrics to measure software quality? and explain them briefly?

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  • Dec 23rd, 2005

What is Software Metrics?

  Metric is a mathematical number that shows a relationship between two variables. It is a quantitative measure of the degree to which a system, component or process possesses a given attribute. Software Metrics are measures that are used to quantify the software, software development resource and software development process.

Types of Metrics

Metric generally classified into 2 types.
? Process Metric
? Product Metric

Process Metric: Metric used to measure the characteristic of the methods, techniques and tools employed in developing, implementing and maintaining the software system.

Product Metric: Metric used to measure the characteristic of the documentation and code
The metrics for the test process would include status of test activities against the plan, test coverage achieved so far, among others. An important metric is the number of defects found in internal testing compared to the defects found in customer tests, which indicate the effectiveness of the test process itself.


  • Jan 5th, 2010

Apart from Metrics you also have something called as Measures...these are the ones which can be used by the Quality team to calculate the Metrics. One of the metric would be PRodcutivity. This metric can be measured using No. of Defects, Size of the project!

Thus the measures vary depending on the metrics...

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john tristan

  • Aug 22nd, 2011

there are two types of metrics....the direct metrics which can be immediately measure and the indirect metrics which is the opposite....those that are not quantifiable could be considered as indirect metric:)

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mehta siya

  • Oct 17th, 2011

the third type of s/w metrics is the project metrics, which describes the characteristics of available resources and execution of project.

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